Lakeland Central Park Construction Update – March 2023


  • 3 pad-ready sites to accommodate 2.9M SF of industrial space
  • Pedestrian Bridge that’s part of the Old Tampa Hwy sidewalk improvements was installed successfully March 8th
  • All Phase 1 underground utilities are 100% complete as of March 1st
  • Lakeland Electric power to serve Phase 1 facilities activated March 10th
  • Irrigation complete & Landscaping to start March 20th
  • All Phase 1 construction improvements complete by May 15th
  • Turnover and Acceptance by City July 1st


  • Building 2 – 705K SF spec cross-dock facility
  • Asphalt paving complete as of March 7th
  • Lakeland Electric power activation targeted for March 20th
  • Landscaping & irrigation targeted to be complete March 24th
  • Dock doors prepped for hydraulic lift equipment scheduled to arrive for installation in July.
  • Painting of interior side of tilt panels’ to be complete March 20th.  Exterior painting completed March 10th.
  • Glass storefronts at building corners to be complete March 24th.
  • All Building 200 Improvements completed by Marcobay March 31st

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